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My Medical Journey


Often our own habits of irregularity, excess or deprivation affect our bodies.

When we are young, our bodies may be able to sustain a healthy physiology, but over a period of time, our organs come under duress and protest by manifesting several illness.

Some of the factors that are negative are:

  • Under or over eating, incorrect items of consumption
  • Usage of drugs, tobacco, liquor, and harmful psychotropic substances
  • Lack of sleep or irregular hours of sleep
  • Too much work,
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Mental stress or over thinking
  • Too little rest
  • Imbalance among work and play

Hence it is important to be aware, responsible and vigilant about our lifestyle, in order to keep our bodies functioning well.

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  • While we live healthy, many other environmental and hereditary factors besides our lifestyle, may be the cause of illnesses. It may not be your fault at all.
  • The earlier you identify an illness, the better the chances of its cure.
  • During preventive health check ups, it may be possible to have an early diagnosis of an impending disease, or if it is already present, you can catch it early.
  • Hence it is advisable to have PHC annually.

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  • You cannot prevent all illnesses. But over a period of time, scientists, doctors and researchers have developed some preventive drugs which go a long way in preventing common infectious diseases. These are termed as vaccinations.
  • Children are compulsorily administered vaccines in their infancy for polio, whooping cough, measles, small pox etc.
  • Adults can take vaccines for measles, flu etc. (see list in link attached(. There is a seasonal timetable for optimum consumption of such medicines.
  • Ask your doctor before you take such vaccinations, in case you have any allergy to the drug compound, or any ailment that is in conflict with your vaccination.

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  • Some illnesses are cured completely leaving behind no trace of any handicap or disability. Some take long to reach full cure, and others are healed faster. Normal way of life is therefore the pre illness state of affairs.
  • But often times, serious illnesses may leave behind a different state in the human body. Such attributes may include chronic pain, hyper tension, diabetes, slow digestion, low energy, etc
  • Lifestyle choices may help you to live in the New Normal state of your body with comfort and least pain.
  • Over a period of time, the negative residual effects of the ailment may subside, sufficient to make you feel “Normal” again
  • Often due to a serious or unhappy incident in your life, you may be depressed temporarily.
  • Such anxieties may be linked to unpleasant events, or maybe part of your nature even when the event is no longer a trigger. Seek a doctor , a counsellor, for curing this state.
  • Every hospital has a psychiatry ward or department. Specialised hospitals like IHBAS cater to only such illnesses.
  • Some medication may be needed in the beginning, along with counselling
  • Therapies like occupational therapy, art therapy etc, also help
  • Counsellors will also help to remove or deal with anxieties over a period of time.

A growing number of India’s elderly population is living alone, with their children either abroad or in other cities. Caring for your aging parents from afar requires thoughtful planning and effective communication strategies to ensure their well-being and meet their needs from a distance.

Some suggestions:

  • Hire a genuine caretaker (domestic helper) or Home Care Service: These caregivers can provide help with daily tasks of grooming, food ,exercise, medical needs and companionship.
  • Coordinate with Local Family and neighbors: establish a support network with local family members, friends, or neighbors who can check in on your parents when you can't be there physically. Having someone nearby can provide immediate assistance if needed.
  • Choose the Right Phone: Ensure your elderly parent has a phone that is user-friendly and suits their needs. Use a basic feature phone with larger buttons. Schedule regular calls and consider using video calling platforms like facetime or whatsapp video which allow more personal connection.

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