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What is Patient Safety ?

Patient Safety is becoming a cause of concern as the healthcare delivery is becoming very specialized and complex. Healthcare delivery requires coordination between the team members. Medical Harm happens when this coordination lacks due to communication failure. Many safety checks that healthcare systems have in place may not work as they should and cause avoidable harm to the patient. It is now well recognised that patients too can play a significant role in minimising this avoidable harm.


What is Patients For Patient Safety Intiative ?

Patients for Patient Safety Initiative Patients For Patient Safety Intiative is a Non-Profit organization with the mission of

  • spreading awareness about best medical practices among general public,
  • sharing patient insights with medical practitioners
  • and involving patients, including families, in their own medical care.




To enhance Patient Safety and reduce Avoidable Harm with the active Involvement of the Patient and Community and support from Healthcare Provider.


Spreading awareness about Patient Safety and best medical practices among patients and general public, empower patients and their families to engage in their own care and share their experiences to foster patient safety culture.

Patients For Patient Safety Intiative Objective & Our Goals

To Empower and Educate patients about:

  • Their Rights and Responsibilities
  • To offer knowledge from experts on best practices in medical care, lifestyle choices.
  • To become an active partner for safer and better clinical and service outcomes.
  • To speak up and provide their positive and negative feedback to the health care providers.
  • To Reduce incidents of preventable harm through Patient Advocacy, Medical Policy changes, with implementation in letter and spirit in the entire spectrum of medical care.
  • To Engage and Educate patients to participate actively in own care, and be vigilant about preventable harm Empowering Patients by
  • Increased awareness of their Rights, Roles and Responsibilities
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Who Will Benefit?

Patients, families and community

Healthcare providers including hospitals, doctors, nurses, paramedics

Regulatory/ Accreditation agencies and policy makers

Others like Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies

Stakeholders Influencing Patient Safety

  • Patient
  • Family, caregiver.
  • Family physician/ Clinics
  • Hospitals including doctors, nurses, paramedics and others
  • Ambulatory services / individual or poly clinics
  • Diagnostic services
  • Pharmacies/ chemists
  • Patient support groups
  • Insurance companies/TPA
  • Accreditation/ Quality Assurance agencies
  • Regulatory and Government agencies
  • Medical and Nursing Schools, Training institutions

What We Do

  • Create awareness amongst general public, patients, families, community on various aspects of medical care, for active involvement in own care
  • Establish Patient Networks
  • Establish Healthcare provider network
  • Develop Repository of Knowledge / guides/aggregating information from experts and successful healthcare facilities/ providing links to other sources of information, relevant to patients across different ailments
  • Gather and Carry Voice of Patients by collaborating with healthcare providers; medical schools; policy makers to incorporate learnings from patient experiences

Guiding Principles

  • Our focus is on enhancing safer & effective patient experience and outcomes by involving patients in their healthcare journey.
  • We trust & respect and depend on the knowledge, experience & judgment of healthcare providers.
  • We will not engage in resolving individual patient issue or specific incidents. This is not a claim forum.
  • We will maintain confidentiality of all stakeholders and any data shared will be anonymized.
  • We will collaborate with all who influence Patient Safety and are willing to share best practices in India as well as globally.

Global Initiatvies

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CAHO: Committed to Safer Healthcare

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ISQua: World Patients Safety Day

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Benefits To Pateints, To Hospitals


  • Awareness of disease and protocol
  • Better clinical outcome
  • Better psychological outcome
  • Adopting healthier lifestyle
  • Safer Homecare
  • Timely detection of disease
  • Healthy relationship with healthcare providers


  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Better service outcomes
  • More efficient and effective operations
  • Happier and loyal patients
  • Lesser stress for HCP and nursing staff
  • Lesser chances of litigation
  • Deeper engagement with Patients over life cycle
  • Better financial outcomes