We have all faced medical safety issues sometime or the other. This could be in diagnosis, medication , surgery, test reports, during surgery or in post recovery guidance. We often share our mis-experiences with friends and relatives but rarely our stories ever reach the people who may have in advertently caused it. The result is that there’s no learning from these mistakes and no corrective action is put in place And similar errors continue to happen.

It is very important that you share you experiences of avoidable harm at two levels:

  • First you must report at the place where you feel the mistake actually took place. It could be your doctor, test lab, pharmacy or the hospital. Every accredited healthcare provider has a process defined for patients to report safety incidents. The complaint should be made in writing with all data and facts together add a receipt obtained from the healthcare provider for your complaint. A formal complaint will be processed within the hospital to enable taking corrective actions.
  • Secondly do report your story at our Patient For Patient Safety Initiative Patients For Patient Safety Intiative website. When you Share your story with us it will be accessible to health care providers across the country and not limited just to the hospital with your incident took place. In other words larger Asian community would benefit from the harm and loss you suffered.


You have faced an avoidable harm and have gone through a lot of suffering, costs, emotional turmoil and in some cases loss of life of loved ones. While the harm caused may not be reversible it is important that individuals and organisations that may have made errors in your medical journey learn from the mistakes. In some situations you may decide to take legal recourse but more importantly your safety incident and harm caused should help learning and avoidance of similar incidents in future. 

Disclaimer: We are not aiming to be a complaint redressal organisation Or help you in resolving your specific issue. 

However your stories will greatly help in:

  • Identifying causes of avoidable harm and errors
  • Reduction of incidents of avoidable harm in future
  • Creating new processes, safety policies and higher quality standards
  • Used as case studies for training the medical fraternity and in medical/nursing schools as real examples
  • Accreditation agencies also compile such incidents and incorporate in their assessment of healthcare organizations

It is very easy for you to share your story and we will assist you in the process. Just click on the button. SPEAK UP And we will guide you through:

Guidelines: these may be of help in sharing your story:

  • Your story can be as text, an audio recording or a video recording. 
  • The story can be shared by the patient , caregiver or a family member/friend important on how well you have stated your situation and the harm caused . 
  • A story should give some details of your illness, treatment, where you felt something went wrong in your medical journey. The timeline and year, would be of help. 
  • In which area did the mistake happen? Nurse? Doctor? surgery or in medication?
  • Do indicate why you think it was an avoidable harm, and what could have been different 
  • Did you inform the hospital or the doctor about the harm caused and actions if any taken by them
  • You have faced irreversible harm and are perhaps emotional about it. However when you write the story try to be brief and objective. 

A simple questionnaire is also available in the section SPEAK UP, you may upload information on this questionnaire, or simple send us an email with all details at _______(Info@patientsforpatientsafety.in)

There are other PATIENT STORIES on our website shared by people like you. Use them as examples. (Info@patientsforpatientsafety.in please upload storeis, and give linkage here)

Your story is very important and precious to us. We will not directly publish this on the website without reviewing it. We will seek clarifications from you if necessary, with your permission we will make minor edits to improve the readability an impact. We will take your final approval before publishing on the website. Your identity will be kept confidential and story anonymous.

To assist us we have a panel of very senior individuals from the society and medical practitioners who form the Screening Committee and would determine if a story is complete and worth publishing. The final selection will be done by them.

  • We will be encouraging health care providers to read and use your stories and examples in their training programs and in their process reviews . 
  • Similarly we will be sharing the stories with accrediting Organisations like NABH to review and include in there assessing policies 

Remember our purpose is not to approach or complain to the specific hospital , doctor or the diagnostic lab where the harm has occurred.

We respect your privacy and will always honour and protect it. 

  • The choice will be entirely yours if you would like to lend your name face to the story, but if not, we will keep it anonymous. 
  • We will not share your contact details, email address, phone number ,with anyone. 

The only reason we ask you for your contact details is to connect with you, to seek clarifications and help improve the impact of your story. It also helps us ensure that the stories we are publishing are in fact real and credible..

  • We would anonymise the names, but mention general facts.
  • Our Screening Committee will ensure propriety and authenticity of the story.

We would like to emphasise that you are making a big contribution in improving the safety standards of healthcare and in prevention of avoidable harm. Your efforts to narrate your story is invaluable in providing real and honest feedback to the healthcare fraternity which is committed to providing safe and effective health care.

Each story is valuable and each incident of avoidable harm relevant for learning. Our objective is provide a platform for patients and their families to be able to share the mis-experiences and the harm that has been caused as well as a platform for health care providers to access the stories and take corrective action in their respective organisations as well as include your real cases in their training programs. In any case you may have shared your story and filed a formal complaint at the hospital where the harm may have been caused. 

Patients For Patient Safety Intiative and our partners and promoting organisations have connects with the healthcare ecosystem and we would be encouraging them to access your stories and use them. While it may be very difficult for us to report back to you on the specific actions that the health care organizations took based on your individual feedback. However it is our strong conviction that all the collective stories will make has significant positive impact in improving healthcare standards

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