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My Medical Journey

Medication Management

Medication is an important part of the treatment program. Most illnesses need medicines for cure. Understanding the nuances of medicines, its dosage, side effects and protocol for ingestion will benefit you.

Ensuring Medication Safety at all stages from prescription to purchase to storage to consumption is the responsibility for both the patient and the health care practitioner.

At the time of receiving a doctor's prescription it is very important that you should ask and educate yourself as to why a medicine has been prescribed and how long it has to be taken and if there are any expected side effects. Please be conversant with usage Instructions like when to take medicines, (before, during or after meals. While it is good to know about the reason for its use, it is important that you don’t self medicate!

Medicines should be procured from a reliable chemist to avoid buying spurious drugs.

Storage at home is important as at times children may ingest accidentally. Some medicines look and sound alike and one must make sure that the right medication and in right dosage is being taken.

Keeping a first aid kit and medicines while travelling are all important part of medication management.

  • Curative – to cure a patient of an illness 
  • Palliative – to relieve symptoms from an illness 
  • Preventative or prophylactic– to avoid the onset of an illness, and build immunity 

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