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  • Seeking a second opinion can help you tap the expertise of other specialists who may recommend additional testing to narrow down potential diagnoses.
  • Seek second opinion with specialist Dr. if need be, Do not confuse yourself with multiple medical opinion.
  • Your physician recommends surgery. Even if you do choose to undergo the operation in the end, when you receive a recommendation for surgery, it’s your option to seek a second opinion. In most cases, surgery should not be the first treatment you try. Seeking a second opinion can provide you with other treatment options 
  • You are diagnosed with cancer or any life threatening disease 
  • A second opinion for people diagnosed with cancer may include a review of the pathology, which is part of the determination of the stage of cancer and can affect your treatment recommendations and lower your risk of being over or undertreated. Having another oncologist review your case may also lead to other treatment options or access to clinical trials.