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History and diagnosis

healthy and active, no particular family history of cancer. Diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. Treatment-Surgery followed by radiation.. The senior doctors had given detailed instructions about oozing of fluid in affected area and had cautioned not to remove bag before a certain level of drying up of the wound. The wound continued to ooze, but the junior doctors and nurses ignore this and hurried in removing collection bag . This led to collection of fluid and pus, followed by infection . Pain killers and antibiotics followed . Every time patient tried to approach the senior doctors, she had to wait for long hours in crowded OPD chambers in spite of prior appointment, and still could not meet the doctor directly. the long waiting hours led to urinary infection. . The long drawn out trauma and infection led to Herpes and it took over a year to recover, instead of a few months as earlier advised.

Patient Stories - Communication Between Patient & Doctor

Hospital Acquired Infection

Female , age about 60 when diagnosed with breast cancer early stages

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