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Female , age about 60 when diagnosed with breast cancer early stages.

Economically well Off, socially active and educated. Living in a metro city with medical facilities.

Patients rights- ignorant about these, afraid to discuss with the doctor .

Hospital Accreditation and it’s benefits- Ignorant

Choice of doctor and hospital- highly recommended doctor, high brand image, and hospital referred by doctor, proximity was also a reason


  • Mis communication within teams
  • Surgery took 5 hours instead of 1.5 hours as informed to the patient, this made the family worried
  • No time available with senior doctors after surgery
  • Senior doctors try to cover up errors of their team ,
  • No honest communication between doctor and patient-since no one listens, patient ended up downplaying symptoms, for fear of embarrassment and fears of upsetting senior doctor
  • no discussion when treatment was completed- after final chemo, there was no clear talk with patient explaining what to look out for or that it was now over.

Learnings and Suggestions- 

  • Create Patients Support group with similar experiences who can share insights and help to guide other pateints
  • Communicate honestly with patient , inform regarding treatment options, and side effects that can occur.
  • Follow appointment timings more strictly .
  • Doctors behaviour and demeanour matter a lot
  • a one Point contact number or person is important , create a Patient Coordinator for connection between doctor and patient.